7:30am    Registration Opens
9:00am    Safety Briefing – all events except kids (5-9 years)
9:15am    Youth (10-12 years) , Juniors (13-18 years) + Novice START
9:30am    Open, vet, super vet men & women + teams START
9:40am    Kids 5-9 years BRIEFING then start shortly afterwards


  • Open & Teams – Run 3.4km / Bike 25km / Run 3.4km

  • Novice / Junior / Youth – Run 1.5km (1 lap1) / Bike 11km / Run 1.5km (1 laps)

  • Kids 5-9 years – a run/bike/run event within the domain.



The run starts with a lap around the domain before connecting to the trail along the waterfront towards Governors Bay. There will be two turn points. The first for juniors/youth and novice athletes, the second for the open race.

Link to online map (open course)

Allandale run.jpg


Open bike course - the open course has a mix of flat and hard climbs.

  • Left out of transition.

  • To Orten Bradley turn point

  • On return leg turn left to climb to the top of Gebbies Pass turning at the top

  • Descend down Gebbies Pass to the Wheatshef Pub, turn left to return to Allandale domain

Link to online map

JD Allandale bike open.jpg
Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 3.48.26 PM.png

Novice / Junior / Youth bike course 11.4km

This course has one climb at the start and a longer, less steep climb at the end. The course is easier than previously at Corsair Bay but youth athletes need to be confident riding in the hills.

  • Left out of transition over the first climb

  • Along the Teddington flat turning before the hill to Charteris Bay

  • Return on the same route

Link to online map

JD Allandale bike junior.png

Allandale transition : site.jpg

 KIDS DUATHLON 5-9 years

The number of bike laps will be dependant on the condition of the field. If it is dry and firm 5-7 years = 3 laps and 8-9 years = 4 laps.

kids course allandale.jpg