The race venue is Rhodes Domain at the Tai Tapu end of Old Tai Tapu Rd. The domain is the large rugby fields as well as the entrance to the Tai Tapu golf club. 

  • Open & Teams – Run 3km (3 laps) / Bike 24km (2 laps) / Run 3km (3 laps)
  • Novice / Junior – Run 2km (2 laps) / Bike 12km (1 lap) / Run 2km (2 laps)
  • Youth – Run 1km (1 lap) / Bike 9km (early turn) / Run 1km (1 lap)
  • Kids – course on rugby fields


  • 7:30am - Registration opens
  • 9:00am - Safety briefing - all events except kids
  • 9:15am - Youth (10-12 years) race start
  • 9:30am - Open race starts (Open, Vet & Super Vet Men & Women + All Teams)
  • 9:45am - Junior (13-18) & Novice race start
  • 9:50am - Kids (5-9 years) race, briefing then race


run 2018.jpg

BIKE COURSE - laps of 12km

Youth bike course turns early at early Valley Rd turn off (so 1 lap of 9km)

Link to online bike map

Tai Tapu bike course.jpg
transition ta tapu 2018.jpg

KIDS COURSE (5-9 Years)

The entire course will be on the rugby fields with cones clearly indicating the route. We will also have a marshal leading the first athlete.

The bike transition will simply be a coned off area on the hotel side of the domain. We will walk kids over to the start area from the main transition area. For the finish the kids will run down the adult finish chute to cross the line. 

It is fine for parents to assist their kids on the bike legs for this event given the course could be muddy as long as their do not give them an unfair advantage (i.e. don't push them much if it can be avoided)

kids tai Tapu 2018.jpg