The Manerville Sports Club is the race venue. The address is 431 Mandeville Road, Mandeville, Ohoka.

Location map:


7:30am    Registration Opens
8:45am    Safety Briefing – all events except kids (5-9 years)
9:15am    Open, vet, super vet men & women + teams START
9:30am    Youth (10-12 years) , Juniors (13-18 years) + Novice START
9:40am    Kids 5-9 years BRIEFING then start


  • Open & Teams – Run 3.8km (2 laps) / Bike 21km (3 laps) / Run 3.8km (2 laps)

  • Novice / Junior – Run 1.9km (1 lap) / Bike 14km (2 laps) / Run 1.9km (1 lap)

  • Youth – Run 1.9km (1 lap) / Bike 7km (1 lap) / Run 1.9km (1 lap)

  • Kids 5-9 years – a run/bike/run on the grass within the sports grounds


RUN LAP - Laps of ~1.9km in anticlockwise direction. The run start will be alongside transition

manderville run course.jpg


The course is all left hand turns on flat course. NO DRAFTING IS ALLOWED.

  • Exit on the domain access road and turn left

  • Left into McHughs Rd

  • Left into N Eyre Rd

  • Left into Logans Rd

  • Left into Mandeville Rd

Course map link

manderville bike course.jpg

KIDS 5-9 Years Duathlon

  • Run - all kids will do the same first and last run. Refer to the map below

  • Bike - subject to ground conditions 5-7 years olds will do 1 lap (approx 1km) with 8-9 year olds doing 2 laps (approx 2km).

Parents can run alongside younger kids if required.

manderville kids course.jpg
transition mandeville.jpg